Fake Anti-Virus Program, MAC Defender, Targeting Mac OS X Users

A rare security threat is targeting computers running Apple’s Mac OS X. Just like it’s counterparts on Windows-based PCs, MAC Defender finds non-existent viruses and prompts the user to purchase and install the program.

It initiates in a web page through an infected link in Google image searches. It appears to perform a virus scan and locate multiple viruses on the computer.

This appears to be the first of what could be many more attempts to target the Mac community. A Danish IT security company CSIS Security Group has discovered a do-it-yourself crimekit designed for Mac OS X in an underground forum. The kit makes it very easy to develop malware.

In the Seinfeld episode, The Robbery, Jerry explains to Kramer about security, “I spent my money on the Clapgo D. 29, it’sthe most impenetrable lock on the market today…it has only one design flaw: the door…[shuts the door] must be CLOSED.”

Despite the Mac OS being very secure, it has one flaw. If you let something it, it assumes its okay.

  • Never install an application that you didn’t request to be installed.
  • Never enter your administrator password if you are not trying to install an application that you trust.
  • Never install software from a prompt (unless it is from the official Apple Software Update application).
  • Never pay for anti-virus software where you didn’t initiate the purchase.
  • Always Force Quit a browser if you suspect it is trying to install malware (Command – Option – Escape simultaneously).

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