Where is Phantasm V: Ravenger?

Phantasm V Teaser Poster
We first learned of Phantasm: Ravager way back in March of last year, and not just that it was being worked on, but that it had already finished filming.  It is the first movie in the Phantasm series not directed by Don Coscarelli. Part five is helmed by animation director David Hartman who has previously worked with Coscarelli. “I felt it was time to let someone else play with my train set, explains Coscarelli. David and I go back to my film Bubba Ho-Tep. He did terrific visual effects on that, and more recently created a wild animated sequence and some amazing visual effects in my most recent film, John Dies at the End. Our aesthetics are in sync and he’s quite an experienced director in his own right.”

There was speculation that another sequel was being considered in 2012 when Bloody Disgusting revealed this tidbit from Coscarelli:

When I made ‘Phantasm 4′ I really saw it as an end. And it really was an ending of that portion. But I will tell you that I get so many questions about ‘Phantasm 5′. And no one’s talking about remakes! They want a ‘Phantasm 5′ with the original actors.”

In May of this year at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention, audiences were treated to a full scene further building excitement about this anticipated film. The last heard from Coscarelli is that they are still working on finding a distribution partner.

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