Shakespeare Insult Kit

Come on. You know you’ve always wanted to insult someone with the style and verbal eloquence of Shakespeare. Well now you can with this handy Shakespeare Insult Kit. Give it a try thou fobbing, rump-fed nut-hook! Via Blame It On The Voices

Angry Bird Costumes

Halloween is approaching fast. Have you even thought about costumes yet? Don’t worry because Angry Birds are here to help. There are full body costumes for Yellow bird, Red Bird, Black Bird and King Pig for both adults and children. Or, if you don’t want to totally commit, there are just the headpieces. Costume Discounters […]

Webcam 101 for Seniors

  Bruce and Esther Huffman are YouTube stars thanks to this accidental recording posted by their granddaughter. ABC has an interview with the couple. Via: YouTube

Origin of ‘The Terminator’ story

The original inspiration of the 1984 film “The Terminator” came from two episodes of  ‘The Outer Limits’ written by Harlan Ellison – ‘The Soldier’ and ‘Demon with a Glass Hand’. However, he didn’t receive credit when the film was initially released. Here is the inside story of how he discovered his stories inspired Cameron and […]

You can do that at an Apple Store?

  Just what can’t you do at an Apple Store? Comedian Mark Malkoff visited Apple Stores in the New York area to find out if there were any limits. Via YouTube

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