Should I Get the Flu Shot?

Around this time of year the question of whether to get a flu shot is upon us. Many people are confused about this issue because they are bombarded from advertising and even doctors who were trained to administer medicine to fix problems. However, in our family and within our group of in-the-know friends, the choice […]

Identical Twin Doctors Form Anorexia Pact

  When they were 11 years-old, something happened that would change the lives of twins Maria and Katy Campbell for the next 20 years. They overheard an innocent comment by their father that began an obsession that could kill them. They have spent most of their lives in and out of recovery clinics and will […]

Infographic: The Real Effects of Drinking and Driving

  Source: CarInsuranceComparison

Marvel Superhero Hoodies

  Ever thought of exploring that superhero side? Now you can with these officially licensed Marvel Superhero Hoodies available at ThinkGeek for $49.95. Earn an additional 2% cashback when you start at Source: ThinkGeek

History of Food Groups

It seems that someone in the government just can’t decide how many food groups there should be. It all started back in 1916 with five food groups. By 1933, the groups had ballooned to twelve. In the early 40s due to wartime food shortages, the groups were scaled back to a more manageable seven, which […]

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