Woman Claims Obama Law Makes It Legal to Counterfeit Money

KINGSPORT, Tenn. – A Tennessee woman was arrested after passing a counterfeit $5 bill at a local store. She told police she read online that President Barack Obama signed a new law making it legal for people on a fixed income, reports the Times News. The clerk suspected it was counterfeit since the front and back sides, which were printed […]

Endangered Monkey Takes Self-Portraits

While, visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, award-winning nature photographer David Slater set his camera down leaving it unattended. A female crested black macaque monkey took an interest and was soon snapping self-portraits.     Full Story and More Photos: Daily Mail Related Story on Who Owns The Copyrights: TechDirt

Obama Signs Guestbook with Wrong Year

After meeting with England’s Queen and other members of the royal family today, President Obama headed over to Westminster Abbey where he laid a wreath on the grave of the Unknown Warrior and signed the guest book. The excitement must have been too much for him as he wrote that his visit had occurred on […]

Big Hole Appears Mysteriously in New Jersey

A huge crater seven feet long, four feet wide and two feet deep appeared in the middle of the day last week in a community in Bernards Township, New Jersey. Dirt and rocks were scattered as much as 100 feet away. Soil tests have ruled out a meteorite and explosives. Source:

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