Splice Wires Like A NASA Engineer

FM7VFA8I9E1EHOV.MEDIUMThis is one of the best instructions on splicing wires I have ever found. It’s not 100% up to NASA spec, but it’s good enough for all us non-rocket scientists.

If you are curious, and have some free time, you can check out the 140-page NASA document on splicing.



Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition

Jurassic Park High heelsWhat if everyone in the Jurassic Park movies wore high heels. Inspired by Bryce Dallas Howard’s character who sports the spiky footwear for much of Jurassic World, the folks at XVP Comedy have come up with Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition where everyone is wearing high heels, including the dinosaurs.

‘Dawn of the Dead’ Zombie Bridge is Saved


The footbridge seen in George Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead is saved from demolition and is moving to a new home. The mall where the film was shot has undergone many changes in 37 years, and the bridge is the only remaining piece of zombie history remaining. When news of the bridge’s impending demise hit 3 months ago, fans of the film moved quickly to save the bridge.

Their efforts proved a success, and on July 22 at 11am, a special ceremony at the Monroeville Mall will be held as the bridge is packed and moved to at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA. by a group of zombies. The event is open to the public.

Read more on the official Save the Dawn of the Dead Bridge Facebook page.

Does AC/DC Really End All of Their Songs the Same?


Paul “Neanderpaul” Marshall, a morning jockey at Phoenix’s KSLX-FM, took on the Herculean task of editing together the ending notes of almost every AC/DC song – he skipped the few that fade out.

He posted the results on his Facebook page explaining, “It took a long time to go through. I promise you, no song was repeated. These are all the final notes of almost every AC/DC song ever recorded (very few songs in their history fade out. They were omitted). They know how to end a song, that’s for sure.”

Bonus points if you can name the songs in order.

Pluto on Pluto? Cartoonist Provides the Evidence

pluto on plutoWalt Disney knew all along. Recent NASA images of Pluto appear to have a silhouette of the famous Disney dog. Cartoonist Scott Johnson tweeted out this image of the dog’s face superimposed on Pluto. His tweet has been retweeted over twenty-eight thousand times.

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